Interesting facts & stories

Beach Cusps

Right on the Cusp

These repetitive patterns are called Beach Cusps. They are formed when the swash from waves sweep up the slope of the beach and the water …

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Orua Sea Cave

Orua Sea Cave Secrets

Checking out one of the largest sea caves in New Zealand. Orua faultline goes through this sea cave and has caused the rock to soften …

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Aerial shot

Plant Wanderers

Our waters are green because of microscopic phytoplankton (Greek: plant wanderer). An estimated 50 – 85% of the world’s oxygen is produced by them, much …

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Dolphins jumping

Jumpy Grey Things

Our code word for Dolphins are “jumpy grey things” so that we keep it a surprise for our customers‚Ķ We had some jumpy grey things …

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Cathedral Cove Boat Tour with Hahei Explorer

Champagne Bay

Tom took the drone to Champagne bay and took some amazing shots.

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