Hahei Explorer Cathedral Cove Boat Tour

Champagne Bay

Tom to the drone to Champagne bay and took some amazing shots.

Jumpy Grey Things

Our code word for Dolphins are “jumpy grey things” so that we keep it a surprise for our customers… We had some jumpy grey things today, and here is one being all jumpy and grey.
Image credit: @jacksonbright_ on Instagram

Plant Wanderers

Our waters are green because of microscopic phytoplankton (Greek: plant wanderer). An estimated 50 – 85% of the world’s oxygen is produced by them, much more than trees (approx 28%). They suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, then die, fall to the bottom of the ocean and sequester that carbon. After 150 million years they turn into crude oil. Ancient phytoplankton that lived in the Jurassic period is what is powering our cars today.
Image Credit: @johnmichael_d on Instagram

Orua Sea Cave Secrets

Checking out one of the largest sea caves in New Zealand. Orua faultline goes through this sea cave and has caused the rock to soften around it. The wave action then wears away the soft rock creating the cave. This cave is also associated with Hot Water Beach by way of the same faultline. There are so many stories to tell about this magnificent coastline.

Right on the Cusp

These repetitive patterns are called Beach Cusps. They are formed when the swash from waves sweep up the slope of the beach and the water returns to the ocean in a circular motion. They are more common on coarse grain beaches but they still occur elsewhere like here on Hahei Beach. People don’t often realise how uniform these are until seen from above.

Credit: @jamie.wright.photography on Instagram