Our Values

The Hahei Explorer is always looking for ways to honor and respect cultural traditions, customs and values. Values of sustainability align very closely with many of the traditional Māori values. Whanaungatanga, Kaitiakitanga, and Manaakitanga are key concepts of Te Ao Māori that that guide our culture and the way we operate.


Our Values: Kaitiakitanga

  Kaitiakitanga is a way of interacting with the environment, which is based on the relational Māori worldview in which everything in the world derives from the primal parents Ranginui (Sky-father) and Papatūānuku (Earthmother). Fostering a reciprocal and balanced relationship with Papatūānuku to maintain abundant and healthy ecosystems. The Hahei Explorer is committed to providing an excellent experience whilst restoring, protecting and enhancing the Te Whanganui-A-Hei area for future generations.

Our Values: Whanaungatanga

Whanaungatanga creates a sense of belonging and support network. We strive to create a whānau environment in our business, providing the opportunity to create meaningful connections between customers, crew and community. Creating relationships and a sense of family connection through shared experiences, learning and working together.

Our Values: Manaakitanga

Manaakitanga is  about showing respect, hospitality, generosity, and care for others. Our aim is to provide an excellent customer experience whilst sharing our knowledge with manuhiri (visitors), telling stories to describe history, myths and legends. We are a small, family owned business that prioritizes looking after our guests, crew and wider community.